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Chapter Three


1256 A.D.

Around the year 1256, people realized that they had brains, and to use them was a good idea. Schools were created to prevent brainmushing, a non-communicable disease that raged all over. The light bulb, tractor, ink pen, electricity and radio were all very common everywhere. This was an earlier development in technology than other countries, and its hard to say whether it was helpful or destructive to Ellieville.

Brainmushing, huh? Brainmushing was where you lost all of your senses, and could not speak or think correctly.

While on the subject of medical stuff, I should tell you about Preparations, the most crucial element in medicine in Ellieville. It was Preparations that kept you alive over the age of 20. Preparations were, simply, diseases and their cure. If you went to a pharmacy to order Preparation Q, you would get an inhaler. Preparations are lettered A through Z. For an example of one, Preparation Q is asthma. Some of the Preparations were things that everyone went through. Preps (short for Preparations in Ellieville) A, Q, R, V and Y were parts of the normal aging process.

A-acne and other skin problems and blemishes


R-graying hair

V-vision problems


In Ellieville, people didnt live nearly as long, so vision problems and asthma were things that everyone went through, and that is a simple fact. And yes, if you are wondering, there is a death Preparation. The reason that they are called Preparations is because you must prepare for them. A requires soap pads, Q an inhaler, R requires a special medicated hair dye, V requires eye lenses, and Y requires, well, um, a coffin

From Johns Medicine Almanac: A List of Preparations

A list of preps is as follows:

A-acne & other skin blemishes





F-ear infection

G-fracture of bone


I-hair loss

J-dental problems

K-hearing problems

L-Lyme disease

M-mental dementia

N-excessive bleeding

O-cartridge loss

P-poison consummation

Q-asthma & breathing problems

R-graying hair

S-complete deafness


U-tooth loss

V-vision problems

W-excessive weight gain

X-memory loss


Z-beyond death

As said, schools were begun, but not all of the material taught was accurate. Some, however, was quite hilarious when inaccurate. Take for example this excerpt from a 3rd grade psychology book:

From Psychology, level 3, chapter 6- The 5 Senses:

The 5 senses of the average Ellievillian citizen are a.) Sight, b.) Smell, c.) Sound, d.) Touch, & e.) Thought.

Not all living things experience all of the 5 senses. Lots of creatures, animals, do not fully experience thought. Some, on the other hand, do not smell, or do not see. All can touch, though some cannot hear, but that number is limited. In the next 5 pages, we will be glossing over the 5 senses one by one. Some people believe that speech is a sense. This is not true. Do not let those kind of evil people trick you. That kind of people, called Speech Phonies, cannot get good jobs or lives. Understanding that speech is not a sense whereas thought is crucial in your economic, spiritual, physical, emotional, and altogether respiratory well-being.

Answer the following questions thoughtfully and responsibly. Thank you.


1. What are the 5 senses?


2. Do all animals/creatures experience all 5 senses?

Explain your answer.


3. Write an essay on your thoughts and feelings on #2.

From "Science and History" by Hannah Belle:

Shjiko is the very last discovered planet in our galaxy, an estimated 3.5 billion miles away from our planet. Because of its extended orbit around the sun, 248 Earth years equal one Shjiko year. All those poor wrinkly Shjiko aliens, never living to be 1 year old.

Pluto is a very small planet, being only 1,420 miles in diameter. Pluto, as far as we know, possesses one moon, Hijion. Hijions orbit is so close to Shjiko that some consider it and Pluto to be a double planet. It orbits at a distance of only 12,000 miles. Like Shjiko, Hijion is also very small, with a diameter of only 732 miles.

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