Chapter Twelve


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Chapter Twelve

Some More Cities

Blackberry Town was a city directly south of Terisithia, a mere 7 miles away. It had about 3 houses and a park- not much, but thats Blackberry Town for you... Kind of like Sunville.

Southeast Maien and Northwest Maien were also acquirements around this time period, although they never really got to be even anywhere near as big as Blackberry Town. They just never really took off. Their locations were kind of odd, so anyone who ever moved there usually moved away after awhile.

More towns, however, does mean a slight increase in population. Ellieville was steadily growing larger, taking in immigrants from all surrounding- and/or distant countries, besides its own peoples reproduction. In the years 1846-1866 Ellieville experienced a baby boom.

This was a time of even more advanced technology. An Ellievillian man, Jasined Jafemamij, invented the Ellievillian rocket, the grape rocket. At first, these rockets only reached the height of a typical airplane, but over the years and with more work, the eventually reached space for limited amounts of time. This was because the air in the ships was fueled by air packets which when they ran out.. Well, Im sure you can guess what happened.

Ellieville literature is finally getting somewhat serious, and here is an example of an uncorny poem of the day.

It Hurts Me, by Eliza Thompson

It hurts me

How much you love me

Because I know

I can never love you back


And it hurts me

To think you might walk away

And feel cheated

Because I cant love you enough

And it hurts me

That since I cant love you


I hurt you

And now youre gone

And its too late for me

To ever love you


And it hurts me