Chapter Thirteen


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Chapter Thirteen

The Ylgofobgien War

On May 6, 1898, Ylgofobgien attacked Duke Ronger s castle at the head of the country, the side closest to Ylgofobgien. They had a huge army of 400,000 and slowly spread out, invading Ellieville bit by bit, by sliding down through the country to the back end, using the same technique they had used in the 1178 Rampage. Only difference is this time it worked. They seemed like a wildfire burning, the way they left everything crushed behind them. The few that survived where not intended to survive.

Finally the troops reached the castle, which had been recently rebuilt in the back of the country, the far north end. The Ylgofobgiens took the King, Queen, two princesses, and four princes to the Axeville jail, where they freed the criminals (who joined up with Ylgofobgien except a spare few) and instead imprisoned the royal family. They were offered no nourishment, and after about a week they all died. Ellieville no rightfully belonged to Ylgofobgien.

Over the years, Ellieville will become beautiful again. There will be beautiful flowers and trees. But it will be oddly silent, lacking the sound of cheerful childrens laughter from the fields. It will be missing the cheerful street music and the babble of window shoppers. Maybe it will become an evil place and rot until no one remembers Ellieville. Maybe it will go wild and be forgotten, later to be rediscovered and started all over again. Either way, the legend of Ellieville and its success will be lost.

I hope you have a love for Ellieville, as I do, I was a great, though imaginary place, where I could go and be me and worry free. I could sit and think for hours, all about Ellieville and the way its history would go. I had all of the different peoples lives all set and ready to be written. To think now that it dies, and that it will be lost is very said to me. It is like I have lost a best friend.

Ellieville had good people and many stories to tell. But now all of the stories are over, and Ellieville is done. Though I made Ellieville die, I did it on purpose. I know that it had to be done, and that doing so would be the only way to make it live on. Because of Ellievilles early rise in technology, knowledge, and literature, its population was huge- around one and a half billion. Ellieville could be referred to as a premature country.

It seems natural, though sad to me, that there is no more imagining for me to do... But there I am wrong. There is much more to imagine. Will Ellieville move on?

From A History of Ylgofobgien, by Drake Mulligan

....I take my pen in hand to tell you the story of my country, Ylgofobgien. I am from what some others call The Greed Country. This I do not deny. We are an evil people, power hungry and selfish.... kindness is forbidden, hope is burned....

We have invaded Sherenflidity, Candesun, Irasa, and Ellieville. We now span the area of five countries. It is as if our Queen is laughing, laughing, laughing....