Chapter Ten


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Chapter Ten

Axeville Begins

Bad guy land exploration had since then evolved, and the land area that bad once been called the bad guy land was now Axeville, a beautiful seaside township. As soon as the land became, uh, good, hundreds of people moved there.

The Euronian land was mainly a dark, dense forest. When it was civilized, much was cleared. Room was made for roads and a beach was made by the Ylgofobgien River (which ran from the nearby Ylgofobgien Sea).

During this time, many advances were made in the music department. Several, well, rap songs were written. Here is one-- dont worry, this ones not bad... I took out all the bad parts...

The Real Big Mama, by The VooDoos

May I have your attention please I repeat may I have your attention please will the real big mama please stand up please stand up were going to have a problem here.. You act like you never seen me before jaws all on the floor when I burst through the door Im whooping yalls butts throwing you over the furniture aw, wait, no, wait, youre kidding, she didnt just say what I think she said, did she? And dr. brent said- nothing you idiots! dr. brents dead! hes locked in my basement! Everyone hates big mama, like [cant say] hey everyone, Ive only got a couple of screws up in my head loose... Sometimes I wanna get on tv and [cant put] but no one wants to see me [cant put] and [deleted] and thats the message we deliver to little kids and expect them not to know how deformed my brain is but anyways go wash your pantyhose sing it for me and it goes wont the real big mama please stand up please stand up you tell me I cant sing like britney spears but I can so bite me. you think I care about acting normal? now wouldnt that be weird? t lunch you could sit me there next to ashley and halie who annoyed you in the first place. Look at all you annoying little dudes who form protest groups all you ever achieve is to annoy me never to make me get a grip or be normal its a hopeless cause so Im sending someone there to destroy you. theres a million of us just like me who just dont care just like me who walk, talk, and act like me it might be the next best thing but not quite me so wont the big mama please stand up please stand up yes Im the big mama the real big mama dancing at your party. give me some punch and wave your white scarf cause youre running out of time to surrender Im telling you things you only dare to talk about with your friends in you living room only difference is I got the head to say it in front of yall and I dont gotta get shaved bald or sprinkle sugar on my shoe at all and whether you like to admit it or not I can act better than 90% of you losers out there and you wonder why little first graders think Im wonder woman or elmo or something here to save the day every person is a big mama hiding working at walmart licking your razors yelling out his car window, [deleted]! with the radio up loud so wont the big mama please stand up please stand up