Welcome to www.bigcow.com, the homepage of Kayla Hultberg, a 7th grader (as of this writing) of Youngsville, Pennsylvania. I go to Youngsville Elementary Middle School. I spread rumors about people that I know aren't true, it's just so much fun!!! Tee hee. In other words, I am a big cow.
(no, Kayla Hultberg did not write this. Duh.)

Okay. Just some things about Kayla Hultberg: 1. Don't tell her anything, ever. The next person she sees she tells. Especially don't tell her who you like!!! Been there, done that. 2. Kayla Hultberg's face is wide and spread out like she once ran into a pole and never quite recovered. Tee hee. 3. She makes fun of people for hanging out with boys and flirting when she does it all the time with her friend Sarah Santiago! Screw them.

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I used to live a happy life
I was popular and had a good boyfriend
But then one day, like a sharp knife,
I was stabbed in the back
By my stupid nonfriend
Kayla Hultberg.
By boyfriend left me
But Kayla wouldn't let me be.
She told everyone that I was a lobo
And they told everyone they knew
And before long that news wasn't new
And everyone thought I was gay
And I thought, Oh yay,
I'm the new school hoe,
and I didn't do nothing.
What was Kayla's deal?
No one will ever know.

The Kayla Hultberg message board: http://p214.ezboard.com/bbigcow
Below: What you would be doing if you were to lay eyes on Kayla Hultberg's face. Tee hee.